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Information for Foodies!

 What does HEIRLOOM really mean? From the Websters New World Dictionary the definition is "any treasured possession handed down from generation to generation." On our farm it means we do our utmost to keep the old breeds and varieties alive for future generations. We like the old breeds, whether in vegetables or livestock. We find that in either plant or animal the varieties that have been handed down and passed thru generations are stronger, healthier and in less need of man-made interventions of any form. We find that by using these varieties and in keeping these breeds we are able to farm as naturally as possible, without chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, toxic medicines and the like, that sometimes do more harm than good while lessening the quality and health value of the food that would feed our family and yours!

These charts will give all "Foodies" the information they need on many various things, such as cuts of beef, pork, chicken and precisely where on the animal they come from and how many pounds of what are included in "whole, half or quarter" side of beef or a pig. 


Image:British Pork Cuts.svg

Cuts of Pork

Head - Grind for Head Cheese or Dogfood

Spare Rib Roast - Ground Meat and Sausage, pork cubes

Loins - Has 4 parts, they are the Blade End (left end) then Center Rib, Center Loin and finally the Sirloin (Use for Porkchops or Roasts)

Leg/Ham- Butt Roasts, Smoked/ fresh or Brined Hams, Ham Steaks, Ground Meat and Sausage

Belly- Bacon Slab, Country Style Ribs, Ground Meat, Sausage, Salt Pork

Hand- Picknick Shoulder, Arm Roast, Ground Meat and Stew Meat

Hocks- Ham Hocks for Soup

Trotters- Pickled Pigs Feet or for Dogs

Fat Trimmings- Rendered for Lard or cooked for Dogs

(Image obtained from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:British_Pork_Cuts.svg)



Beef Cuts
(Image obtained from http://www.hollinfarms.com)