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"We're BETTER than Organic, Because We're FARM FRESH Mother Natures Way!"


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Heirloom Country Farms
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Take a Tour with Pictures of the Farm!

A brief time of play for the family, at the most "Magical Place on Earth"!

Life on the farm

Picture of the pasture

Picture of the pasture with accoutrements

Dirty knees, on both children and sheep...

Hogs & Chickens

Sheep Mama

Sheep Group

Sheep CloseUp

Sheep Shearing Day 1

Sheep Shearing Day 2


Our NEW garden plot! This one is 80' x 35' and will be all for vegetables! Thanks to some good friends who let us borrow their tiller -  a BIG THANKS to Bonnie and Danny! Their tiller made short work of the nasty vines and roots that had been holding up our progress with a walk-behind tiller attempt last year.

On the 'second pass' with the tiller, we were able to take it a little deeper. The first pass was accomplished in about 10 minutes.

The finished ground! It's been tilled a nice 8" deep which will do nicely for anything we want to grow.

Fencing it off from our gang of maurading sheep!

Farmer Robert, on our newly acquired tractor

He is REALLY getting into this farming thing!
What you don't see though, is that the heat is close to 100 degrees...

Our Jacobs Sheep first set of lambs on our farm. The dark one is "Curly" an ewe and the rust colored one's hind end that you see is "Rusty" a ram.


15880 SE 36th Avenue

Summerfield, FL 34491