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"We're BETTER than Organic, Because We're FARM FRESH Mother Natures Way!"


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Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs


Would you like to:


1)      Help your communities working poor, homeless shelters and local area food banks?

2)      Help keep perfectly useable pre-consumer non meat items OUT of the area landfills?

3)      Helps to save a CRITICALLY ENDANGERED BREED of pig and chickens  that are poised for extinction?

4)      Have delicious, Certified Naturally Grown, pasture raised, chemical free Eggs, Chicken, Pork or Beef for your family??


Then help us save several critically endangered, heirloom breeds called Gloucestershire Old Spot pig and many varieties of chicken and ducks which are pasture raised, completely chemical free AND also help your community at the same time! We are raising these wonderfully docile breed of pigs, chickens and ducks because they are excellent mothers and excellent at foraging on pasture requiring little in the way of supplements and practically NO GRAIN! We supplement our pasture foraging program with extra calories not found in pasture, but definitely needed by growing piglets and pregnant sows, chickens and ducklings thru an arrangement with our Gainesville community area homeless shelters and food banks. We collect twice a week all of their PRE-CONSUMER (meaning it has never touched human lips and is still sealed by the store) expired bakery items such as bread and rolls. We then portion this out in once daily morning feedings to all of our pigs, chickens and ducks to give them the extra calories and carbohydrates without feeding unnecessary quantities of grain and corn. This is ALL the supplemental feeding our animals receive, everything else they require is found in our natural pastures which are "Farm Fresh, Mother Natures Way!"  This means to you, that we do not use any chemicals, fertilizers or weed killers to manage our pastures. We only re-broadcast seed with a Certified Organic Forage Blend once a year to keep our pastures green and lush, the pigs do the rest!  We are then able to donate meat from our pigs, chickens and ducks to these wonderful organizations once a year to help feed the homeless and working poor of our community. The more you buy from us, the more meat we can grow and the more we can donate back to our community, because EVERYTHING deserves a happy, healthy life!!

Talk about lil' weiners...!

Talk about close up...!

Group shot...



M'Lady Bluebell at feeding time...

Young boar Patrick, takin' it easy...

Pigs at leisure...

Lil' weiners...

Easy does it...

Down boy......

Now... roll over?

Hogs at the trough

Up close 'n' personal with M'Lady Bluebell

Up close 'n' personal with Papa Sambo

And M'Lady walks away struttin'

Hogs + Trough = ?

Please Help Us, Help These Terrific Places!

Gainesville Harvest -Frances Leslie, Director

St Francis House -  Lee Smith, Director

Reichert House -  Mr Hickman, Director

Gainesville Community Ministries - Ms. Sadie

Salvation Army of Gainesville