Heirloom Country Farms

"We're BETTER than Organic, Because We're FARM FRESH Mother Natures Way!"


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Heirloom Country Farms
15880 SE 36th Avenue
Summerfield,  Florida 34491

Pictures of the Poultry!

Some of our broilers ranging free!

A selection of our Certified Naturally Grown, Farm Fresh Eggs!

Some of our newly hatched baby chicks

Our two African Grey's and our Embden's enjoying some grass

Our African Grey gander

Our female African Grey, who is sadly no longer with us, due to a visit from the local Bobcat

Our white Embden gander

Our female Embden

Rhode Island Red Hen (Brown Egg layers)

Buff Orpington Hen (Light Brown egg layers)

Black Australorp pullet

Barred Rock Hen

Delaware Pullet (Brown Egg layer)

Ameraucana hen (Green Egg layer)

Cochin hen

Pearl Guinea (sex unknown)

Processed Chicken