Heirloom Country Farms

"We're BETTER than Organic, Because We're FARM FRESH Mother Natures Way!"


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Phone us at:  352-307-7364

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Heirloom Country Farms
15880 SE 36th Avenue
Summerfield,  Florida 34491

Pictures of the Produce!

A selection of our Certified Naturally Grown, Farm Fresh Eggs!

Our own Certified Naturally Grown produce- from the left:

Carrots, Okra, Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes (of many varieties) Snap peas, Chinese Green Noodle Beans, Cucumbers, White Tomesol Tomatoes

Some of our Tomatoe and Pepper beds

Cucumber vines just starting

More pepper beds with the errant tomatoe pooping up from the compost in the center

Parsley and dill behind me and tomatoe's where I'm investigating for bugs...