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Heirloom Country Farms
15880 SE 36th Avenue
Summerfield,  Florida 34491

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If you'd like to stop by for an order pick-up, please do give us a call first to make sure we'll be home when you want to come by. We also have places to go, things to do and people to see, but we'll be glad to see YOU, with a bit of an advance notice!

15880 SE 36th Avenue
Summerfield, FL 34491

Turn onto our drive between the two big piles of rocks, directly off SE 36th Ave and travel SLOWLY down our long grassy driveway, to the house in the back.

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Plant Seedlings

Our garden beds are going in!!! - Part 3

10 bed frames set up - can't wait to start filling soon!

Plant Seedlings

Our garden beds are going in!!! - Part 2

Our NEW garden beds!!! 1 down 55 to go!

Plant Seedlings Plant Seedlings

Our garden beds are going in!!! - Part 1

From top to bottom:

We're using 13 1/2' x 3' wide plain Galvalume sheets, ripping them in half lengthways, making 2 bends in each half to form 2 "L" shapes and then screwing the halves together to form a 9' x 3' bed that is 18" high.

When screwed together they form a sturdy but lightweight, raised metal bed that will outlast me!!

Then it will be a matter of filling and planting seedlings.

Plant Seedlings

The dirt is here!

16 yards of fresh topsoil! Now to begin creation of raised beds - Starting Sat. as we have collected 38 sheets of Galvalume with which to make them. This will yield approx 32 beds of 9' x 3' x about 17 - 18" deep, with extra panels to re-roof an old shelter in the pasture!! YAY!! We have enough soil for 16 beds, right now. More soil will be delivered later along with more metal, as our total veggie and herb beds will be 56, when all done! Then, on to the cut flower garden!!! SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!