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Welcome to Heirloom Country Farms NEW membership program!

Thank you for your interest in helping to support your local farm.

We would like to update you on the additions to our farm since moving here in the middle of 2018, to the happenings and things you may have missed with all the chaos in the world nowadays.

We are GROWING with the addition just this week, of a whole new flock of Buff Orpington chicks that will be raised to become delicious roasters. These chicks will be raised on fresh pasture and will be moved daily to make sure they are getting the best forage we can give them. We expect these chickens to finish off at 4-6 lbs and they will be fully dressed with giblets vac sealed separately in the cavity. We expect to be able to begin processing by mid August and from there, we should be able to produce a steady supply of fresh, pasture raised chicken for our customers enjoyment.

Bearing this in mind, with our fresh eggs, the addition of our fresh or dried herb selections, our own Madagascar Vanilla extract, fresh ground hamburger and other delicious cuts from our aged Angus we will also soon be adding Zebu beef, pork from our New Zealand Kunekune pigs and in the future, fresh goat and lamb meats and various veggies, citrus and other fruits as they become available.

We are now offering our customers the opportunity to purchase our NEW *LEAF Membership for $25.00 for one whole year, which will entitle the bearer to an immediate 20% off of everything on our website.

(* No other offers, memberships or discounts are combinable with this offer.)

At the end of your full 12 months, we'll send you an email or text to see if you'd like to continue your membership and put down some ROOTS with us and renew for just $20.00 for the **subsequent year, at which point your discount will increase to a full 25%

With your help in supporting our farm, we can keep growing and continue to offer you the best, freshest food you can find. We want to continue to offer you, our clients, the ability to purchase all the goodies you need at reduced prices and also give priority in line for heavily sought after items such as our eggs or meats!

Renewal of your membership will ensure that you receive an EVEN GREATER discount (25%) and your benefit will never diminish with a current membership. Your membership will also mean that when we receive orders (example is one from a member and one from a non member) priority is given to our members first, because you are helping to support your local farm on a continual basis.

(** Membership prices are subject to change at time of renewal.)

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1 year LEAF Membership

$ 25.00 / 1 year

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