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Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

FARM FRESH, DELICIOUS, CAGE FREE, NO ANTIBIOTICS, FREE RANGING "The way Mother Nature Intended" - Eggs for sale, which can be delivered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to Celebration area or picked up at our farm gate!

Grass Fed Meat


Our grass fed meat is grown right on our own farm without any chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or insecticides used anywhere either ON or IN your meat! We strive to produce only the finest, best tasting meat possible that is both healthy and nutritious! Our first round of beef will be ready in the next few weeks, more details to come!


Plant Seedlings

240 4-inch pots of tomatoes & peppers seeded, many different varieties. 240 4-inch pots of herbs and flowers will be next! All will be available in a few weeks when they have sprouted and are big enough for transplanting!


Cash at the gate or Credit Card accepted! MasterCard / Visa accepted

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